Super Hero Malinda Wheeler Honored by the CAC

Super Hero Malinda Wheeler has given tirelessly to children who have been abused.   Over the years, Malinda has provided extensive assistance to the Children’s Advocacy Center to make it what it is today.  She has been involved in every aspect of the CAC from visionary, board member, forensic nurse, forensic interviewer, donor and volunteer.  She is one of the original board members currently serving on the CAC board of directors for the last 10 years!

At a time when the CAC didn’t have forensic interviewers, Malinda completed the required training for forensic interviewers and took over all the forensic interviews until we could find a replacement.  She remains a back up interviewer and steps in whenever needed, including weekends, all on a volunteer basis.

In addition to her personal commitments of time and monetary contributions to the Children’s Advocacy Center, Malinda has also fully participated in several fund raising events.  She remains passionate about helping children, carefully listening to them and sending a message that she cares about each and every one of them.