Patrica Wenskunas

Patricia WenskunasPatrica Wenskunas is the Founder and CEO of Crime Survivors Incorporated™ whose mission is to ensure the public knows victims’ rights and needs and to provide resources, support, and information to empower crime victims to survive and thrive. On April 4, 2002, Patricia Wenskunas became a true survivor when she was attacked by her personal trainer in her own home. Patricia was drugged, beaten black and blue, and bound and nearly suffocated in saran wrap. When Patricia came to, the attacker was on top of her, threatening to kill her son if she screamed.

Patricia found her courage and her voice on that day. Since then, she has used both, along with her experience of victimization to advocate for victims to survive the legal justice system and thrive in their personal lives. Her message is simple: “You can be beaten down, black and blue, but you can survive.”

Patricia has paved the way for victims of violent crime to truly survive and thrive. Today she forges ahead fighting and championing for victims when they don’t have the strength to do it on their own.